Will gnome extensions work with Pop OS'es Cosmic desktop environment? Is this a design goal of theirs? (To not break compatibility with Gnome.)

Apple announcement summarized: Hey, you can now use the M1 to run the same wimpy iOS apps that you were running with the A13 before, but now you can do it faster. Nevermind that we could have let you do that with Mac OS and full desktop class applications since the two architectures are the same, but nevermind that. No file system and self contained island apps are just way more fun.
It is almost like Apple is afraid to truly innovate.

I am of the opinion that American schools need to take the teaching of other languages in school way more seriously. Most of the world can speak an additional language. The studies have shown that it is beneficial not only in communication but helps the brain to form new pathways and makes it possible for the brain to even think in different ways. This is an advantage many are getting that we in the States should be taking note of.

@elementary Hello Elementary! I was wondering if there was a way to autohide or merge the status bar with the dock?

I'd love to setup a Matrix server, however the last time I tried it was pretty difficult and the instructions rather sparse. Now I see that there is a lot of work going into a native server, that will improve the memory and cpu footprint of the software. So I'm wondering should I wait for that to be released, or plunge in now?

I can't remember if I shared it here or not, but I started a new website. It is just a place where I can share my experiences in software development and hardware and software reviews. I find that getting really honest reviews and comments on the internet's tech sites isn't all that easy. This is my attempt at putting some good content out there with no strings attached. Not much on there now, but I plan on getting a bunch more up steadily over time.

XMPP is really a fantastic chat solution provided everyone you are chatting with uses Android, or desktop OSes. If any are on Apple devices, you are forced to roll into their push server, and the hassle begins. Still work by Daniel Glutsch on Conversations really do show how XMPP, while old in the tooth, is still excellent and venerable even today. He proves that the standard should live on far beyond all the other competing standards die out.

Really surprised at how good UHK's Agent software is compared to ZSA's Oryx configurator. Huge learning curve here and I'm not really sure with all of my muscle memory it will be worth it but we'll see.

I can't tell if Friendica is actually posting to Mastodon threads or not. It seems like librem.one threads are not getting posted to at all. That is a real bummer, and seems like a failing of the underlying fediverse technologies.

I run a Friendica instance and this Mastodon instance. Do I need both? Which would you keep if you could only keep one?

Blade Runner 2049 is better than the first. In nearly every way. It is a Sci-fi masterpiece. Come at me.

@purism I just added hibernation back on the Librem 13, because I really hate having a dead battery because of standby. I was thinking I wasn't going to use it, but I think on the L14 I will use it as well. Will need a 64gb swap partition though....

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I'm really looking forward to being able to limp along with a low battery thanks to a powerbank on the @purism Librem 14, thanks to the USB C that can do PD. When I forget to charge the Librem 13 after not using it for a day or 2, I have to wait for it to charge before taking it to the couch. This USB C port will make that not such a big deal.

Whew! I'm happy to report that I was able to get my battery life on FP3 /e/ back up to 3 days per charge. Turns out that ambient light features suck a ton of juice. (I leave it on, but it just flashes notifications, and don't use any sensor data.) I also needed to disable mobile data standby. This is supposed to help with with connection hand overs, but it just keeps your mobile data line always up, even when connected to wifi. Just a waste. Nice to have this thing back to long battery life!

The Planck EZ looks tasty as well. I have my doubts about a 40% keyboard though.

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Ok Fediverse, what do you think about this. This is the ZSA Moonlander keyboard. I love it, but as someone who is not a traditional touch typist, but who can touch type using a hybrid finger peck method, I am curious if the split design would work. I do have a UHK and I split it and tried typing, and I did fine. (80+ wpm) So the question is, should I commit to a more ergonomic typing position? This thing is super compelling to me.

One of the things I've loved about the Librem 13 was being able to control the CPU clock and turbo functionality. It lets you have more control over your thermal conditions than otherwise possible. Well the same is possible on Windows 10. You need to edit your registry, but after doing so, the turbo boost portion becomes exposed in advanced power settings. Very nice, and it has made it so that I can keep my Onemix at around 30C and I have not noticed any performance loss.

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