It says something about the proprietary mess that is modern messaging apps that a single tech company has 3 incompatible messaging networks and making them compatible with each other is newsworthy.

@kylerankin People complain about duplication of effort in FOSS, but think about how much wasted engineering time has gone into the multiple incompatible messaging networks just owned by FB and Google.

@kylerankin To me, I don't think this really helps to show the virtue of the FOSS mindset. By comparison take the adoption of Facebook messenger for example, and look at the combined adoption of every FOSS alternative and you will see that even with it's noble intention is light years away from ever reaching it. That being said, I think the real concern here is that FB combining their platforms just means more invasion of privacy on those networks. It was bound to happen to Whatsapp, but still.


@kylerankin This is just a continued erosion of personal privacy and no one really notices. That is what worries me.

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