Serious question: would you use software, if the person responsible for creating it supported and promoted a group of people who stifle free speech and resort to violence and intimidation to accomplish their political ends even though the software was open source and FOSS?


Too vague to have an opinion. One man's "stifles free speech" and "resorts to violence" could be another man's "stands up to Nazis" and "defends communities."

I don't think there is any ambiguity when it comes to violence. If your response to a differing opinion is violence, there just is no justification. Only if that aggression was the response to violence itself is it even possible to have any rationale for it and even then it isn't a given. Hate speech and all that it encompasses is protected speech as long as isn't spurring anyone to violence. As vile and disgusting as it is, it has very little power in our society.

@Phaserune Antifascists are responding to violence, not instigating. Believing otherwise is accepting that Nazis can be victims, and by doing so you’re showing sympathy to a group that’s main goal is the extermination of those they consider lesser.

I came to Mastodon from Twitter to get away from Nazi sympathizers who care more about the illusion of free speech than they do the lives of marginalized groups. So bye.

That response had another toot that somehow got seperated. I don't support Nazis or any other hate group. I simply don't fight with fire. You can't change people with violence. Your totally willingness to find what you want even in the absence of it is pretty depressing.

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