Essential is shutting down & ceasing updates to their PH-1 phone. This highlights the inherent flaws w/ manufacturer-controlled smartphone software updates. Essential was gracious enough to allow installation of custom ROMs, but other Android users (& all iPhone users) don't have that option. Thankfully companies like @purism are seeking to responsibly shift this wasteful and unethical paradigm. You should be able to use your tech as you see fit, not at the whim of a corporation. #FOSS #FLOSS


@dallin @purism I totally agree with this, but will note that this has nothing really to do with FOSS or FLOSS as those things are extra steps that aren't required. Whether the company adheres to those philosophies or not is irrelevant. Your hardware should be your hardware.

@Phaserune @purism what I meant was that companies like Purism are trying to make #FOSS #FLOSS accessible to the average person. Not everyone is able host their own email servers or serve as their own tech support.

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