So installing /e/ or Lineage OS on the Fairphone 2 has been a bust. The system folder is not accessible because I haven't rooted the phone. I thought this would not be the case. However, trying to search for ways to root the phone is coming up with nothing concrete. What a pain. I was really interested in seeing /e/ in action as well.

@Phaserune Just a small follow up. Turns out Fairphone locks certain partitions. All I had to do was force the just sideloaded TWRP image to be taken on restart. (Hold up before hitting enter on the adb reboot command.) From that point installation went off without a hitch. /e/ OS is really well done. If you don't need any google services, it is an excellent choice. Using the native app store, Fdroid, and Aurora you would be set for everything. Great job. Lineage OS is very much in the same boat. I didn't like /e/'s launcher to begin with but it grew on me.
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