So I bought a trackball from Amazon. It got delivered today and I've been using it all afternoon.

After 4 hours of use, the back of my hand is killing me and I'm finding it really inaccurate to use.

Any other trackball users out there have this issue when they first started?

I'm not gonna lie, it's currently unplugged and I'm back to use a traditional mouse.


@kev I've wanted to switch to a trackball myself. I've always though that the ones you use with your thumb would be the most comfortable to use, as they are shaped and held in very much the same way you're already used to holding a mouse. Wast there a reason you went specifically for one different to the thumb variants?

@kev Well you just give me the push I needed to get one myself. I'll make sure report back on how it goes. You might be interested to hear I went with a similar design as you. After reading some reports, it is apparently better for your hand.

@Phaserune please do. Genuinely, I’d love to hear how it goes for you.

@Phaserune couple reasons. Mainly because I’m left handed and there were no reputable ones that I could find.

Apparently thumb ones are worse for your hand according to the little bit of searching & research I did. Rationale being that your thumb isn’t designed to be that dextrous.

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