Reminder to game devs following: "PC" is not a clear platform. Neither is "Steam".

Clearer: Linux, Windows.

Honestly, splitting hairs and not an issue. Steam running on Linux is still running on a PC. As proton improves the distinctions continues to become even less relevant.

@Phaserune Might be splitting hairs to you, but to me as the person writing about Linux games for a living it causes an issue multiple times a day, every day. A clear distinction is needed.

@Phaserune Proton is also absolutely not a replacement for supported Linux games, acting like it is misses the point entirely.


Pretending direct Linux supported games are the bridge that is going to bring Linux to the forefront misses the point. Linux with window's DLLs means having the best of both worlds without reinventing the wheel needlessly. As a developer I might be biased about it.

@Phaserune Never said anything about it doing anything. I'm just reminding people that "PC" should not be used in place of proper clear platform lists. Anything else is besides the point and I stand by what I say on it.

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