This little guy has me wondering if the Librem 5 is really what I need. I am getting it no matter, but this right here is an actual ARM laptop in your pocket with phone capabilities. It will have Debian compatibility in the future as well. That is Debian desktop in my pocket. That is powerful.

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@dallin The only real problem with it that I can find is that it doesn't have a pointing system other than touch. So on a Linux desktop with no scaling or anything like that, it is going be almost impossible to navigate using the cursor.

A small bluetooth mouse should do the trick. I wouldn’t be using that keyboard with my thumbs, anyway.

@dallin true. It is just that if I have to bring a mouse then I could just use the Onemix 3pt. If they implemented a mouse driver that would you use the touch screen similar to how you use it through vnc on Android it would be a non-starter. Guess I could write something like that. We'll see. Not sure $800 is what I need to spending on something like this at the moment.

@dallin They are making a new one called the Alpha something. Guess I'll hold off on considering it now.

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