Your Phone Is Your Castle

"If your home is your physical castle, your phone is your digital castle. More than any other computer, your phone has become the most personal of personal computers and holds the most sensitive digital property a person has..."

#privacy #freedom #security


@purism Based on the analogies used here, where does AOSP de-googled and using F-droid fit in?

@Phaserune @purism

I guess that would kind of be like living in a prebuilt castle made by the builders of the bigger castle, and some independent builders.It's definitely your castle, but there are some odd quirks because some of the building designs really only make sense in the larger scale of the big Google castle.

@spyjoshx @purism Don't forget that android versions like Lineage and E foundation specifically remove Google aspects. So many of those odd quirks are actually not there like you would have from trying to just use F-Droid apps on regular Android.

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