I might be the only person on the Fediverse that likes Windows 10 after it has been sanitized.

I might give that a try. Running Win10 in Virtualbox isn’t quite cutting it for me.

@dallin Recommended. Although I will admit that I am kind of all over the place right now. I go through these phases where I commit to get rid of all Windows devices and use just Linux. The problem is that on a lot of the smaller more niche laptops Linux does run well at all, and battery life is terrible. So I flop from Windows to Linux at least a couple times a week.

Sounds familiar! I go through the same phases. Then little things about Linux nag me, like watching video isn't as smooth an experience, or an update breaks something, or there are those couple apps that I really want to use but have no comparable equivalent on Linux and I don't want a compromised experience on WINE or a VM.

@dallin Yep, sometimes just finding the address to a repo so i can even get access to file is difficult. I really like how Linux is basically a custom OS that the user can piece together. I really like that Wine has improved so much, especially thanks to Steam and Proton. Being able to use Linux but run Windows software here and there without needing a VM is basically the best of both worlds. What I'm finding is that unless you like older hardware, Linux really needs better driver support.

Yes, indeed. Even if you can run all the software you need, good driver support is critical.

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