Ok Fediverse, what do you think about this. This is the ZSA Moonlander keyboard. I love it, but as someone who is not a traditional touch typist, but who can touch type using a hybrid finger peck method, I am curious if the split design would work. I do have a UHK and I split it and tried typing, and I did fine. (80+ wpm) So the question is, should I commit to a more ergonomic typing position? This thing is super compelling to me.

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Well I bought it, so in about 7 weeks, I'll know how it is.

The Planck EZ looks tasty as well. I have my doubts about a 40% keyboard though.

@Phaserune That's the thing. They look great. I bought the Moonlander. But I also got another UHK, but this time the v2. I am not convinced there really is a need to retrain the muscle memory I already have. I can touch type on a split keyboard already and it is fast. I'm not sure that a 40% keyboard would really help me either, but maybe because you can just layer the keys, it might actually work really well. Not sure.
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