I've worn a smart watch for 4 yrs. At first I was on call and quick access to notifications was a huge bonus. Recently I've questioned its effect on me so today I switched back to a traditional watch as a test. This thread contains my observations.

@kyle I recently got a garmin watch, specifically because I could disable the bluetooth on it. I never synced my fitbits before, and never used the connected notification state they offered. I liked it for the heart rate, steps, etc. but also just as a date and time piece. I find the Garmin does this nicely, and the battery life is outstanding. So in short I think largely how you use the device determines its affect on you. Still thanks for sharing, and I look forward to further observations.

@booster @kyle I should add that it can sync and do notifications, and even phone calls if you want it to. I just don't.

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