XMPP is really a fantastic chat solution provided everyone you are chatting with uses Android, or desktop OSes. If any are on Apple devices, you are forced to roll into their push server, and the hassle begins. Still work by Daniel Glutsch on Conversations really do show how XMPP, while old in the tooth, is still excellent and venerable even today. He proves that the standard should live on far beyond all the other competing standards die out.


A good example of the ubiquity of XMPP is things like the embedded Jabber server in Arista switches.

We did not end up going this route for non-technical reasons, but I did put together a very cool proof-of-concept about controlling switches using it.

Shameless plug:


@jonw Hey thanks for sharing the article. I do have a question though, as someone who is running a prosody server instead of a ejabberd server. Both seem pretty equal in terms of capability, but most people recommend ejabberd. Thoughts?

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