@craftyguy So what are we looking at here? I am assuming you have something else on there besides a a 105 set?

@Phaserune it's mostly a 105 set (and a new ultegra front derailleur someone gave me). The bike came with a mix of shimano tiagra, etc 9 speed parts and I finally acquired everything to move it to 10 speed with better quality components than I had before.

It's a big upgrade for this bike, but maybe not financially worthwhile except the components were gifts and things I traded for, etc over time :D


@craftyguy I love 105. I honestly don't see any reason to get anything more expensive. They run like tanks, are easier to repair, and they just seem to last for forever. No complaints. Glad your bike is back up and running with some solid transmission components to boot!

@Phaserune This is my first time running 105. I love me some repairable, durable, high quality parts.

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