Oddly enough, really good computer specs don't impress me that much.

I'm far more impressed by someone daily-driving a PC with low-end or very old specs. To stand in the face of the ever-growing complexity and resource manifest destiny that plagues our industry and still make old, perfectly good hardware work is a much more impressive feat to me than having 128GB of RAM and a 32 core CPU.

Take, for example, the guy who runs the site I linked a few days back. If you look at his PC specs page (https://www.haywalk.ca/tech/computer-specs), he's running a Pentium D (a CPU which is about 15 years old now) on his PC. That is extremely impressive.

@jbauer I can agree, as far as not having a need or workload for more powerful hardware. However many people who do have 128gb RAM and 32 cores have an actual use for that hardware, that no Pentium D is going to be able to accomplish.
I am all about appreciated hardware that is still totally useable, but I'm not about snubbing new hardware simply because people don't normally really need it.

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