Ok, so #Linux is free, secure and customizable. So why are most governments and administrations NOT moving to Linux? Let’s see a few reasons in today’s video, which horribly misuses stock footage.

@thelinuxEXP Hint: it is about the whole package. They want a turn-key solution with support and repair. They want it to work with the software they have invested millions in over the course of decades. Linux falls down very hard when trying this. Although Ubuntu has been trying to appeal to the Enterprise space with AD support, so who knows.

@Phaserune problem is, they haven’t invested money in software, they spend money renting software :) Most big name distros offer commercial support and that kind of turn key solution, but it’s true that training is needed


@thelinuxEXP SaaS is a cancer that has taken over the industry, that is true. But by investing in software, I meant that they have used those products to build things. Inventories, spreadsheets, databases. They have invested more than just the cost of the software into it. Labor and time are commercial worlds two biggest assets. Having to change what they have been investing in for so long is a lot more expensive than just the cost of the software.

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