When my Librem 13 screen works the laptop is brilliant. Ubuntu 20.04 with Wayland is just super rock solid, ESPECIALLY when combining it with Crossover. It quite literally is the best of both worlds then.


@aral Hi Aral. Well my Librem has a loose video cable. When I open the screen either the backlight might not come on or the display feed. If I gently move the screen forward it pushes it in, and the screen comes on. However, if I move the laptop (ie: bring it to work) then the cable is loosened more and it requires, often, a lot of time to wiggle it into a working state. I bought a screen replacement from Purism, but there are not instructions on how to install it.

@aral So I am left just messing with it. Other than this there is nothing wrong with the laptop. I do appreciate the design of it in general.

@Phaserune Sounds like something the @purism folks should be fixing, no? :)

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