@agx Do you have any tips for me getting the Librem 5 phone calls working on Deutsche Telekom? I ask because you are German and I know you are using your L5 a lot. Danke auf jedenfall!!

@Phaserune all my sim cards are on the O2 network, no Telekom sorry. I've not heard form anyone having problems with Telekom network though. If you're running stock PureOS please file an issue at reporting if e.g. data and SMS are working (if so it's likely not carrier related).

@agx thanks! yeah, I'm not super bothered and I am loving the L5 in general and really appreciate your and other's work. I'll fiddle with it some more and look at filing an issue later.

@agx it is strange because data works but SMS and calls do not.

@agx I think SMS would work but i am using my 2nd sim and only one sim can have the sms functionality at a time. So I think that would work. I think it is just a VoLTE issue.

@Phaserune Trying SMS would help. Did you check the guides on howto enable VoLTE on the Librem5?

@agx thanks for your time! I tried looking but didn't see anything there regarding volte. Do you perhaps have a link?


To enable VoLTE, first check your modem firmware version.
You can run this command to check that:

sudo mmcli -m any | grep firmware

Check if the date is 2019. If it is and if you are comfortable with a command line you can use these instructions:

These instructions require that you previously install: socat

sudo apt install socat

You might need to power cycle the modem a couple of times.

You might want to set the network to 4G only to test.


@joao Thank you very much for the write up. I think I am going to hold off for now because I don't want to risk borking the modem or sim. I am happy with data working and can be patient. Thanks again!!

@Phaserune are you confortable with manually downloading and installing a debian package?

If you are there may be another alternative.

@joao I am comfortable with the terminal as well. I just though it says that doing any of this, even if all correct can bork the modem?

It isn't about the difficulty in doing it as it is the worry of messing up things outside of my control.

But yeah deb file works also.

@joao Thanks! I gave it a whirl, but it doesn't seem to work. It says that VoLTE is enabled, but calls do not work. I have restarted and tried killing the modem with the hardware switches as well. No dice. But not a big deal either. I am just happy cell data is working.

@Phaserune can you contact us via email to:


With your order number and detailing this issue.

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