The Reform and the Penkesu. Surprisingly more alike than you might imagine.

Here is my Penkesu. I wanna thank Penk Chen of the Cutiepi Tablet fame for creating this and making possible for others to build. I am still working on a few things for it, but I am VERY impressed with just how capable the Pi Zero 2w is. I currently have the following things configured and usable:
Dino, MS Code, VNC Viewer, Evolution, Dosbox, and Libre Office. The built in Chromium browser can handle Rocket Chat instances and most websites. Very happy with it!

An important principle to having more piece in life that I constantly am struggling to remember:

When my Librem 13 screen works the laptop is brilliant. Ubuntu 20.04 with Wayland is just super rock solid, ESPECIALLY when combining it with Crossover. It quite literally is the best of both worlds then.

The 1 Netbook Onemix 3pt is such an amazing little laptop. While the weaker plain 3 model has seen reviews, I feel like a lot is being missed by not having a 3pt variant model review. So I am considering this my next spare-time hobby. I feel like the work going on here is next level and needs to be shared.

I can't remember if I shared it here or not, but I started a new website. It is just a place where I can share my experiences in software development and hardware and software reviews. I find that getting really honest reviews and comments on the internet's tech sites isn't all that easy. This is my attempt at putting some good content out there with no strings attached. Not much on there now, but I plan on getting a bunch more up steadily over time.

Really surprised at how good UHK's Agent software is compared to ZSA's Oryx configurator. Huge learning curve here and I'm not really sure with all of my muscle memory it will be worth it but we'll see.

The Planck EZ looks tasty as well. I have my doubts about a 40% keyboard though.

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Ok Fediverse, what do you think about this. This is the ZSA Moonlander keyboard. I love it, but as someone who is not a traditional touch typist, but who can touch type using a hybrid finger peck method, I am curious if the split design would work. I do have a UHK and I split it and tried typing, and I did fine. (80+ wpm) So the question is, should I commit to a more ergonomic typing position? This thing is super compelling to me.

This is a really compelling image of the Librem 5. Phosh has come such a long way in such a relatively short time. As the basis for everything to come, the Librem 5 is a fantastic show piece. True convergence, with so much more potential possible. I've already started working on a few linux programs to help with my transition to it, and I can't wait to get it, and move forward full steam ahead. Really looking forward to the implementation of traditional Suspend.

Love , but is so smooth. Really impressed with the polish on this distro!

Saw this elsewhere and laughed as I can relate, although maybe not as dramatic.

This little guy has me wondering if the Librem 5 is really what I need. I am getting it no matter, but this right here is an actual ARM laptop in your pocket with phone capabilities. It will have Debian compatibility in the future as well. That is Debian desktop in my pocket. That is powerful.

Took the Toxy ZR today to work as the velo has a rear wheel suspension problem. It was refreshing. No arguments that the velo is a ultimate commuting bike though. Luggage on this thing is a real chore.

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