@thelinuxEXP What distro would I recommend to a noobie? Ubuntu, plain and simple. Out of all of the distros it is designed to just work in most cases. Sounds perfect for a noob.

@mntmn Well thanks greta for all the hard work! It is really appreciated!

@dallin I hear you! I'm hoping the Astro slide brings that all back!

@cdc @mntmn stickies and especially layers are great! Use then extensively on a Moonlander and Planck keyboards. So far I'm OK on the Reform without layers but I'm sure I'll get the itch eventually!

@arshin @mntmn I don't think this needs to match any other product out there. This being open as much as possible is already a pretty hefty constraint that companies like GPD are not dealing with. In general those are real mechanical switches on the kb,
and they should offer superior performance to anything GPD or Onemix have offered on their pocket PCs.

@mntmn Thanks for sharing! As already articulated on Twitter, I love this! Please keep working on it, and let us know as soon as you know, the specs and when you can take our money!!

@dallin Framework my guy. Fairphone. Those two things will give you pretty much everything you're looking for. Especially if you are a little flexible with the whole open source criteria. Remember all things in moderation. That includes open source. ;)

@mntmn Anything that brings a RAM bump is a welcome thing in my book. πŸ‘

It is so annoying how often the Signal desktop client updates. I mean it feels like it is sometimes every few hours. I mean, why not roll it out once a week or something?

@hugo I was using Joplin to replace Onenote, but looking at Obsidian, it seems it could do the same thing as well.

@mntmn I feel many have made good situations here, but I just wanted to throw my name in the ring for being willing to beta this. I'll pay you for the oppurtunity, and I'm a software engineer by trade. I also have a Reform on order. Just a suggestion. No pressure whatsoever. Hahaha. This prototype here looks REALLy compelling already.

@thelinuxEXP I think the only thing I disagree with is the part where you said that the Windows kernel is still insecure, etc.
I mean even the creator of Systemd has commented on how Windows 11 has a better security posture than Linux. On top of that, as the biggest target for malicious software, don't you think it is impressive, we don't hear even more problems with Windows then we do? I just don't think your comment there was fair in the slightest.

@mntmn Also consider your audience here on Mastodon. I wouldn't gauge interest here as an indicator over all. Just know that Framework as a company has down pretty great things for repairable and relatively open hardware. You would need to think about you would differentiate the Reform from the Framework. Initially, far more open hardware, easily replaceable batteries, much smaller but robust frame / chassis, mechanical keyboard, etc.

I'm very interested.

@mntmn I already answered on Twitter, but I'll do so again here.
I would VERY much be interested in this. The chassis of the Reform is excellent and it would be great if it could be used for more types of compute than ARM. I can appreciate some of the angst around Intel, but would very much like something like this.
But I am also VERY interested in the Reform Pocket.

@postmarketOS I still have my N900 and it is still running the last update that Nokia gave us. I didn't even know there was something else we could put on it to make it useful again!!!

If my first experience with Linux would have been using Sway with Wayland, and someone was there to kind of quickly explain how to use it, I would have probably switched from Windows immediately. Tiling managers are the bomb. Windows can do most of it with snap mannerism, but also through using the power tools fancy zones program. It can't however stack or tab running programs. When switching to Sway from Gnome on Ubuntu 20.04 I'm seeing almost a 2 hour increase in battery life. Sway FTW!!

@mntmn Nice! You keep making me more and more anxious for getting mine. Really looking forward to joining the family!

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