@dallin straight up Ubuntu with Dash to Panel and Arc Menu. I don't see any reason to not just use the one Distro (Ubuntu) that is just trying to work and not spoon feed an agenda down my throat.

@dallin This is the true problem of these OSS solutions. I support the control that they give back to the user but the trade off is the lack of polish and driver support. There is escaping that I'm afraid.

@craftyguy It is the issue of the race to the bottom on parts qualified and fans are no exceptions it would seem.

An important principle to having more piece in life that I constantly am struggling to remember:

@glynmoody I believe it, but the Hippocratic oath specifically removes that concern. It is why doctors care for the drunk who constantly shows up in the ER week after week, day after day. Such is the a life of a doctor. That doesn't mean it is easy.

@cell @jcbrand that's pretty freaking offensive. Never mind how many people died, who didn't all think, eat, or live the same. That you think this is funny is disappointing.

Anybody on Mastodon NOT use Linux?

@dallin The reason why that test is important, is because if your mic works correctly through them, then the mic is functional and not defective. Then you know the caller is the issue. If the mic is terrible in a voip setting than the driver or mic are the issue.

@dallin driver issue with the mic or noise cancelation. On the fairphone call quality is fine. Are you on the /e/ forums? I would keep an eye out there for any side chained updates that might be available. Otherwise you'll have to wait for the point releases which can take a long time. Have you tried any VoIP audio calls through conversations or some other equivalent (Skype)?

I did it. Wiped Windows from the Framework Laptop and put Ubuntu 21.04 on it. Working perfectly. Already have a Windows dev VM in place. Steam and a near full catalog of games installed. Very happy! Thanks Ubuntu team for the quality enabling developers everywhere to focus on work and not on getting Linux working!

@dallin bummer! Maybe one day. I fortunately steered my own branch away from using Google services. But I think for public service type things Google services are fine.

@dallin As /e/ uses microg, you could use those google services if you wanted on it. Either via the Aurora store (a google play frontend) or perhaps through what the /e/ store already offers.

@gajim Looks great! Any idea when that will be available for the Windows build?

@thelinuxEXP Yes, of course, but what I mean is, you have to be patient many times to get those updates. If you can't it requires some apt kung-fu and taping into other repos, which can break your install. So you either are patient but extremely stable, or you are on the edge, using all the new stuff, but are questionable at best with stability. You also need to fix alot of things yourself.

So these days, you are still a happy camper with Elementary, right?

@thelinuxEXP I think if your hardware is supported with the LTS and you don't see yourself getting much near gear, then I would absolutely agree with you. Stability is king. However, if you are using new hardware or need new software, a rolling release would probably make more sense. Then again with how hit and miss development can be in the Linux world, LTS probably is just simply the better way to go.

@thelinuxEXP Zorin is pretty great. Could you imagine Zorin combined with Manjaro? That would be quite the combination!

@e_mydata When I tried Q last time a lot of the settings features didn't make it on the FP3. Do we know if the FP3 is ready for Q now?

@aral Ok I can see your point, but I just can't blanket judge people without proof. Blanket statements work for slogans, etc. but are a terrible way to talk about people.

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