@dallin Fun about sums it up. I don't see it really being all that useful, as it is performance and functionality wise pretty limited. Great form factor. If it had some beef under the hood this would be VERY compelling.

Saw this elsewhere and laughed as I can relate, although maybe not as dramatic.

@dallin They really don't and it has been my lament for a long time. I wish I could have afforded them as a kid in the early 90s. The fold out butterfly keyboard on the 701C was something I drooled over as a kid.

@dallin Certianly a good idea. The marketing machine will tell you otherwise, but I have a 9 year thinkpad x220t and a 2013 x230 that are used every day and still going strong. I don't see any end in sight either. One other advantage to your approach is the huge cost savings.

@Naughtylus @purism Did you read the article, or view the video? I'm pretty sure you could answer this question on your own with some effort.

@spyjoshx @purism Don't forget that android versions like Lineage and E foundation specifically remove Google aspects. So many of those odd quirks are actually not there like you would have from trying to just use F-Droid apps on regular Android.

@lunduke from your suggestions I would go with trying to change the decision from within. If that was not possible, then I'd probably find new employment.

@purism Based on the analogies used here, where does AOSP de-googled and using F-droid fit in?

@josias @dallin I would agree with this. I haven't seen any other instances out there (other than my own, which is a family instance) that I would classify as that.

@elementary Thanks for spotlighting a company that deserves the attention. This is yet another example that you can do things that are being done in the industry today, but in an ethical way in which everyone benefits.

@agx @purism

I have a feeling I'm not that far away, and I'd be happy to help!

@agx @purism Nice! Next time can we a get a bit more playtime? πŸ˜†

Rocket Chat is seriously great software. As a communication platform it really shines. I was hosting a Trillian server before moving to RC, and I've been using it for about 2 years now. I'm really impressed with how the client and server continue to improve.

@josias @cketti @craftyguy @k9mail
Of course if f-droid implemented a payment system that didn't just suggest someone donate for software, I would completely agree with you.

@josias @cketti @craftyguy @k9mail spoken by someone who is not a developer and is not trying to buy food. πŸ˜‰

@cketti @craftyguy @k9mail Totally agree. Walled gardens are here and for better or worse they are a requirement for most developers. Expecting rules to be fairly enforced is paramount.

@dallin They are making a new one called the Alpha something. Guess I'll hold off on considering it now.

@dallin true. It is just that if I have to bring a mouse then I could just use the Onemix 3pt. If they implemented a mouse driver that would you use the touch screen similar to how you use it through vnc on Android it would be a non-starter. Guess I could write something like that. We'll see. Not sure $800 is what I need to spending on something like this at the moment.

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