@deejoe @sir then subscription software services are the problem, not the proprietary nature of the software.

@dallin A great initiative! I've been very impressed that President Nelson is an accomplished heart surgeon. It is good to see his responce during these times. Thanks for sharing on the fediverse!

@tuxedocomputers Ich habe die Antwort gefunden. Aber beduetet das dass mann mit 16GB und dual channel RAM haben kann?

@swashberry @purism One is made in China, where labor is cheap, and the other is made in the US, where labor is not cheap, and neither is manufacturing.

@tuxedocomputers können Sie mir erklären wie 40gb RAM möglich ist? Ist 8 GB mit dem Mainboard verlötet?

@2disbetter She didn't. It was translated wrong and then click bait titles from media outlets purported it this way.

I know calendar was just released as a beta, but do we have any idea when calendar will be integrated in the mobile apps? Great work on calendar btw!

@jonw Just ordered the recently announce Mini NT Noir from Analogue. Already have the Super NT. Really looking forward to the pocket!

Serious question: Why does Matrix get what seems like so much more love than Rocket Chat and Mattermost, which both arguably accomplish what matrix is out to do for enterprises better?

Are you a programmer, software engineer, or developer? What are your thoughts on FOSS / FLOSS ideologies? I share my thoughts here, and I genuinely would like to discuss it with people:

@dos @purism Keep up the great work! The progress is a ray of sunlight across the tech industry that just keeps getting brighter!

@Carnet The last piece of the puzzle my good sir, is a widget, similar to the Google Keep All Note widget. It would make my journey to the Carnet side complete.

So installing /e/ or Lineage OS on the Fairphone 2 has been a bust. The system folder is not accessible because I haven't rooted the phone. I thought this would not be the case. However, trying to search for ways to root the phone is coming up with nothing concrete. What a pain. I was really interested in seeing /e/ in action as well.

@dallin @purism I totally agree with this, but will note that this has nothing really to do with FOSS or FLOSS as those things are extra steps that aren't required. Whether the company adheres to those philosophies or not is irrelevant. Your hardware should be your hardware.

@KekunPlazas @purism This is great. As this phone has the potential to be far important than any of my other previous phones, being able to back it all up is a great comfort.

@gamingonlinux This is big. I've super impressed with and . They keep this up and many more people will happily embrace Linux.

@dallin Rather don't let the world, who doesn't know who you are to begin with, define you. Your potential is unlimited, your ability to progress only controlled by you.

@dallin Totally agree. I was really hopeful on the Motorola design though. I thought their implementation made a lot of sense.

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