Took the Toxy ZR today to work as the velo has a rear wheel suspension problem. It was refreshing. No arguments that the velo is a ultimate commuting bike though. Luggage on this thing is a real chore.

@purism Purism, I really like the case design. I like how it looks intentionally substantial. Really is a very good looking laptop. Glad I ordered one. Keep up the good work.

Don't get me wrong. I can see how someone who doesn't know how to do all of this could find it useful. I'm asking about the utility of it all for this who can.

@esm @purism On a mobile platform, I don't really see the advantage to a 4k display. Super crisp images, sure, but at the cost of battery life and increased CPU load. Since the L14 can drive a 4k monitor, would that be a better solution anyway? You know a little have your cake and eat it too?

It isn't abundantly clear what work is being done here that I couldn't do myself? Is the application being improved upon significantly considering it is riot based? Are any of the bridges being created from scratch? Would it not be better to get everything to a point such that individuals could set up their own bridges, etc.? Thanks for sharing though. I've signed up for the beta.

Pretending direct Linux supported games are the bridge that is going to bring Linux to the forefront misses the point. Linux with window's DLLs means having the best of both worlds without reinventing the wheel needlessly. As a developer I might be biased about it.

Honestly, splitting hairs and not an issue. Steam running on Linux is still running on a PC. As proton improves the distinctions continues to become even less relevant.

Dash to panel is legit. It is a subtle tweak that really just unlocks the desktop for me. Nice Screenshot!

@kev Well you just give me the push I needed to get one myself. I'll make sure report back on how it goes. You might be interested to hear I went with a similar design as you. After reading some reports, it is apparently better for your hand.

@kev I've wanted to switch to a trackball myself. I've always though that the ones you use with your thumb would be the most comfortable to use, as they are shaped and held in very much the same way you're already used to holding a mouse. Wast there a reason you went specifically for one different to the thumb variants?

@dallin And for those who don't know, everyone who has ever lived, or will live are God's children.

@jonw I can see this regime sharing some of the burden for that, but I also blame the media who have been driven on a single agenda for some time now. Unbiased journalism just does not exist, I'm convinced, anywhere in the Americas or Europe.

@jonw Just wait until social media and the media start exposing your seedy underside, and this makes it appear like it is the norm instead of the outlier they all are. The US is NOT more racist than it was 50 years ago. Our ability to see pockets of it has only improved, which is good so the problems can be fixed.

Of course they would. Humans are not capable of a better system. Capitalism is the best we can muster and it works well.

Lucky for the new talent if they don't have to live there. Cost of living alone is a reason to not go.

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