@matrix I use Rocket Chat, and while I look forward to one day rolling my own Matrix server, I want to wait until Dendrite is ready and it is a little easier getting setup. Between RC and Prosody I'm pretty good. Any plans for Matrix to bridge with RC?

I can't remember if I shared it here or not, but I started a new website. It is just a place where I can share my experiences in software development and hardware and software reviews. I find that getting really honest reviews and comments on the internet's tech sites isn't all that easy. This is my attempt at putting some good content out there with no strings attached. Not much on there now, but I plan on getting a bunch more up steadily over time.

@wholesomedonut I'm going to say that the bean power bowl probably tastes the best. I could eat that all day. Not crazy about the other 2 as a power bowel. Corn is not really rocking much protein anyway, is it?

@Mastodon @Sujitech_official @lickability Hey, sounds fun. I'm glad that folks on board all agreed. I do find it curious that an iOS app is being developed before an Android app. The market for Android dwarfs iOS. If onboarding is really the goal it seems like you decided to work with 1 arm tied behind your back.

@Sirsquid @gamingonlinux Yeah that is the issue when dealing with zealots and there zealot ideals. Thanks for the coverage and keep up the great work.

@dallin I didn't even know you could stream content from Imdb!? Since when and what was their angle to draw people in?

@robby Ok so the element ban just happened. Lbry has been a while, and their app was supposedly over content which is blatant hypocrisy.

@robby I did not know that Element and Lbry were banned. Do you know on what grounds they were banned? I'm not surprised but haven't heard anything about it.

@jonw Hey thanks for sharing the article. I do have a question though, as someone who is running a prosody server instead of a ejabberd server. Both seem pretty equal in terms of capability, but most people recommend ejabberd. Thoughts?

XMPP is really a fantastic chat solution provided everyone you are chatting with uses Android, or desktop OSes. If any are on Apple devices, you are forced to roll into their push server, and the hassle begins. Still work by Daniel Glutsch on Conversations really do show how XMPP, while old in the tooth, is still excellent and venerable even today. He proves that the standard should live on far beyond all the other competing standards die out.

Really surprised at how good UHK's Agent software is compared to ZSA's Oryx configurator. Huge learning curve here and I'm not really sure with all of my muscle memory it will be worth it but we'll see.

@kabo @purism Yes, but for someone who understands very little of the underlying system, and the security threats such options represent, it is not reasonable to expect folks like my grandparents, or parents to easily accept and to actually do. The fact of the matter is, for most not being able to easily sideload apps is a good thing, that helps them avoid compromises in their security and privacy.

@Carnet You know I'm pretty sure we all don't think 100% the same. If we all just focus on what we differ on, then no one would use anyone's software. I wouldn't classify myself as a leftist, and I use your software. No problems!

@jonw @booster Thanks! I think it is just a probem with librem.one accounts. They don't seem to federate in the same way as the rest of the fediverse.

@booster Well this would seem to prove that at least on standard mastodon instances, this federation works. I am not sure what is up with the social.librem.one.

I can't tell if Friendica is actually posting to Mastodon threads or not. It seems like librem.one threads are not getting posted to at all. That is a real bummer, and seems like a failing of the underlying fediverse technologies.

@jerry Sure. The good thing is that the paper mill over near Panama City can't really be smelled on the beach front. I remember they just opened a Dave and Busters when I was there. It isn't that it is bad, so you're good!

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