@ScottMortimer I hear you. I think IRC and xmpp are still good choices. I especially like xmpp for that sort of thing.

@mntmn love the look of the pocket! Love that it looks just as robust as the reform! Can't wait!

@mntmn Na toll! Hopefully you have a nice 4 day weekend ahead of you!

@mntmn is it just as fast or faster than sway? Or not as fast as sway but fast enough?

@thelinuxEXP possibly, but video ads are costly and are brief. People won't have enough time to write done the number or url, especially the non-computer literate out there. Also cable and streaming services have made video ads real hit or miss. Email is even less effectual thanks to the trend of spam. I think if you really care, actual mail makes the most sense.

@thelinuxEXP my argument is thus: if you really want to improve privacy, doing so for a small sample of humanity accomplishs nothing. You may be secure and private, but are all the people you associate with? As such, if Brave really cares and really has a solution, they have to reach the masses. Privacy doesn't really work for the few. It has to be for the masses.

@mntmn this looks compelling. Is the intent to expose the same nvme and wifi slots? Very impressed.

@jerry I thought so as well, although I had some issues with hibernation failing on it.

@jerry a lot more complex than mine for sure! Although the new arm powered switches use less power and generate far less heat,so if you get rid of some 8 ports and need new ones, that might be something to keep in mind.

@jerry yeah me too! Got two 16 poe switches I've been using with the usg and a unifi controller vm running off a qnap Nas. The one thing that pissed me off is how they just discontinued cloud access to unifi video and discontinued the nvr system. Their cameras otherwise are pretty great!

@jerry I'm thinking about doing something similar! Interested in your thoughts after getting it all setup!

I made a rookie mistake on Twitter: I had a controversial opinion and shared it there. Which is ok, but Twitter is just not a place where real conversations can be had. It is the quarrel zone and that is all it ever accomplishes. Not sure Mastodon is all that better though.

@jerry I don't know, if they really believe big tech is spying on everyone wouldn't this kind of thing be expected? Also everyone raving about their crypto currency: I've used brave for years now and have never once been pushed into using it. You can very easily turn it off on the browser. On top of that their solution to adds is a novel approach that doesn't just cut out the content creators as traditional ad block does. Brave's search engine seems to be much better than ddg as well. 🤷‍♂️

@fputs@mastodon.sdf.org small world huh? I recognize you from a certain locals group. I'm the person there who thinks 2d is better. 👍👍

@mastohost makes sense, and thanks for your thoughts. It has been a pleasure using your service!

The Reform and the Penkesu. Surprisingly more alike than you might imagine.

@jerry yep! When I lived in Navarre, electricity was crazy expensive but water dirt cheap. You absolutely need ac though because of the humidity.

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