@lohang 54% say there should be something better, and yet not a single comment here to be seen. I went with snap, because even though it has some hang-ups, it has a unified back bone of support, and THAT more than anything is what Linux needs.

@dallin I don't have anything per se against black Friday. Any good thing can be taken to extremes and become a bad thing. But I totally agree that if you don't need anything, sales don't magically change that. Well in most cases.

@dallin @purism I don't think Purism has abandoned their Librem One services. I think they are simply stretched thin, and all efforts are being applied to the Librem 5. I do believe that Librem One offers more of a life line for them than any other product they release. I think they know this as well, and will focus on it hopefully before too much trust in the service is eroded.

This is a really compelling image of the Librem 5. Phosh has come such a long way in such a relatively short time. As the basis for everything to come, the Librem 5 is a fantastic show piece. True convergence, with so much more potential possible. I've already started working on a few linux programs to help with my transition to it, and I can't wait to get it, and move forward full steam ahead. Really looking forward to the implementation of traditional Suspend.

@tuxedocomputers @elementary I like all of the proposed designs. And I have to say that I think Elementary getting a truly dedicated piece of hardware for their OS would be great! The OS deserves it.

@protonmail And if you waited for 14 iteration of iOS for this... what a bummer. Not Proton's fault though.

I'm grateful now and forever for the Lord Jesus Christ. He is our Savior, Redeemer, and Master. Because of Him we are able to return to the Father, by following on His covenant path and enduring to the end. We are able to fall and get back up. Because of Him hope is real.

I am grateful for my family. I'm grateful for the many ways they help me to become a better person. My life would be a shadow of what it is today without them.

@dallin What they say and what they do don't add up. That has always been my hangup. I mean they say they care about their customers, but then specifically engineer their products to make repair hard or impossible. They prop up ridiculous update cycles for hardware. They actively lobby against any 3rd party repair shops. They use misleading and vague speech to lull the gullible. This is not how you care about customers.

@agx @purism Speaking further on the N900. Could you imagine how powerful a phone like the N900 could be today? So glad something like the Librem 5 is there to pick up the mantle.

@agx @craftyguy Hmm, the plymouth chokes are curious. Any ideas what could be causing the dropping of the Librem 5 image here? I realize this is just an aesthetic issue, as the functionality is still there.

@jeremiah @zwerg12 @purism enjoy your pinephone. I don't got time for this kind of trolling.

@jeremiah @purism $2,000 for one made in the US. ~750 for a normal one. Expensive but attainable.

@purism Will we be able to order both a US and a Euro modem? I would absolutely do that.

@purism Great job Purism. I can't wait! This phone looks like it is going to be a joy to develop for.

@agx @exalm @purism A familiar gesture put to trust worthy use. Great work as usual!

@kyle How much do you wanna bet, the argument in their defense will be that the amount used is trivial? As useful as Android is, articles like this justify de-googled Android and the Librem 5 with great aplomb!

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