@thelinuxEXP @steam Regarding your comments on Proton: Valve did the right thing. Linux, from a developer's stand point is, as you say, unproven, and broken in terms platform conformity. Developers can target Windows as they already have, and are proficient at, and Proton (wine) frees it from the shackles of Windows. This is a good thing for Linux (or Mac OS), but honestly this is the BEST of things for the user, who can now run their software platform agnostic. This is huge!

@dallin Hopefully you share some of your findings with us. I'd be interested.

@kev what you are saying rings true. I also just got tired trying to get hardware working or getting the same features with hardware on Linux. What is important about Linux is Wine/Proton. It is important that the massive wealth of windows software is not trapped on Windows should Microsoft continue to erode privacy on the platform. That said check out WPD and Tinywall for Windows privacy.

@dallin I actually didn't even know that was a thing. I think this makes things like the Librem 5 a much bigger deal than it already was. That is a really messed up move to make on the part of Google. I need to look into that. I develop for Android, and I must have missed the announcement of this.

@zpojqwfejwfhiunz I would prefer that there actually be some wrong doing uncovered. I mean yeah, it isn't cool that they play music during filming, but at the same time, if someone was filming you on your job, would you not do the same thing? Yes they are public servants, but painting all of them as bad because there ARE a few bad ones is disservice that I would think many who are doing the opposing of the cops would be all too familiar with.

@thelinuxEXP The ubuntu theme change makes sense. I wont miss it at all either.

@aral So I am left just messing with it. Other than this there is nothing wrong with the laptop. I do appreciate the design of it in general.

@aral Hi Aral. Well my Librem has a loose video cable. When I open the screen either the backlight might not come on or the display feed. If I gently move the screen forward it pushes it in, and the screen comes on. However, if I move the laptop (ie: bring it to work) then the cable is loosened more and it requires, often, a lot of time to wiggle it into a working state. I bought a screen replacement from Purism, but there are not instructions on how to install it.

When my Librem 13 screen works the laptop is brilliant. Ubuntu 20.04 with Wayland is just super rock solid, ESPECIALLY when combining it with Crossover. It quite literally is the best of both worlds then.

@thelinuxEXP SaaS is a cancer that has taken over the industry, that is true. But by investing in software, I meant that they have used those products to build things. Inventories, spreadsheets, databases. They have invested more than just the cost of the software into it. Labor and time are commercial worlds two biggest assets. Having to change what they have been investing in for so long is a lot more expensive than just the cost of the software.

@thelinuxEXP Hint: it is about the whole package. They want a turn-key solution with support and repair. They want it to work with the software they have invested millions in over the course of decades. Linux falls down very hard when trying this. Although Ubuntu has been trying to appeal to the Enterprise space with AD support, so who knows.

@tuxedocomputers these are the kinds of quality of life improvements Linux really needs. Keep up the nice work!

@dallin You can order one, but as mentioned the radio bands are not all supported here. There is overlap though. So if you are a AT&T or T-Mobile customer it will work. Just depending on your area and cell saturation might not be the best in terms of signal strength.

I believe you can find out though, using signal maps, etc.

@jbauer I can agree, as far as not having a need or workload for more powerful hardware. However many people who do have 128gb RAM and 32 cores have an actual use for that hardware, that no Pentium D is going to be able to accomplish.
I am all about appreciated hardware that is still totally useable, but I'm not about snubbing new hardware simply because people don't normally really need it.

@dallin The web is doing this now as well. So many websites, forums, etc are constantly nagging about notifications as well.

@craftyguy I love 105. I honestly don't see any reason to get anything more expensive. They run like tanks, are easier to repair, and they just seem to last for forever. No complaints. Glad your bike is back up and running with some solid transmission components to boot!

@craftyguy So what are we looking at here? I am assuming you have something else on there besides a a 105 set?

@dallin Here is my unsolicited take on the situation. No one who has read this ever offers a counter argument to my points. Which has me believing that they are just ignored.

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