One of the first things I'm going to do when I get mine is put dosbox on it and then see if it'll run wizardry 7. If it does, it'll be nirvana.

@gamingonlinux Hollow Knight. Enter the Gungeon. Nuclear Throne. Spelunky. All excellent examples of super solid game design and value.

Looks great! Great job exceeding expectations!

I think they are encouraging people to use a device that respects their privacy and is there's to use as they wish. Going completely nonfree Software is still like taking a step back in time. Not going to encourage too many people to care about their digital rights that way.

@purism It is a great looking device. I really like the bezels at the bottom and top of the screen. It really does have a good design. REALLY looking forward to getting mine! Keep up the great work!

My post was for others who might be reading this. I believe your slandering of Purism to be wrong. Plain and simple.

@skynebula @purism Show me a company committed to the same principles as Purism, and I'll show you another company I'm willing to forgive.

This is brillant and something I hope other server software developers / maintainers emulate!

@switchingsocial@mastodon.at So far my beefs are: It appears that when other scuttlebutt users are on the same network, they are able to automatically see you, and when looking at you, can see ALL of your public posts. I would think this could be abused fairly easily, and would prefer, that public posts be only visible after following someone, and that person has followed you back. Maybe I just don't understand the convention just yet.

That response had another toot that somehow got seperated. I don't support Nazis or any other hate group. I simply don't fight with fire. You can't change people with violence. Your totally willingness to find what you want even in the absence of it is pretty depressing.

I didn't see the other responses before I made mine. Great way to make an assumption of me and my intentions. For the record having read some of the comments, I have changed my mind and am not for the feature. This sort of hasty judgements and painting of people does not help. You don't know someone because you read a toot.

The way I understood the preposed feature is that only the person blocked would see the people that are blocking them and only if they try to go to the blocking person's profile.

I totally agree with you. I'm not talking about obvious harassment or abuse. I'm talking about misunderstandings. Right now people wield the block hammer as if it is the first line of defence instead of the last. Being able to see that I've been blocked means I can stop my efforts of attempting to clear up confusion, etc.

@tom79@mastodon.social I think this would be good. Right now blocking of accounts is way too heavy handed, and this kind of transparency would help to demonstrate that to people. The speed with which people block people is going to make mastodon nothing more than very specially curated echo chambers. Beside all of that, I don't see how it could hurt. If I block someone, I'd like them to know that.

Good decision. Paying for software is something every developer deserves no matter how Foss the software is!

This is why violently opposing them only gives their pathetic cause more attention that it wouldn't normally get. Also if violence is the answer, then the subjective nature of people's rational is given a free pass to drive opinion and discussion using fear.

I don't think there is any ambiguity when it comes to violence. If your response to a differing opinion is violence, there just is no justification. Only if that aggression was the response to violence itself is it even possible to have any rationale for it and even then it isn't a given. Hate speech and all that it encompasses is protected speech as long as isn't spurring anyone to violence. As vile and disgusting as it is, it has very little power in our society.

Feeling a little down? Need a pick me up? Aces High - Iron Maiden makes just about everything better.

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