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@gamingonlinux Well said. The problem with the FOSS crowd is the thinking that it has to be mandatory instead of voluntary. It is a great idea so long as it isn't something compelled. Keep up the good work and thanks for the coverage.

@kev I see you too are a fan of Dash to Panel. It revolutionized my Linux use. I always hated the status bar being constantly visible. Dash to Panel and autohide, and my dreams came true.

@RyuKurisu @kev It is not just the icons. I don't like the color theme, the font, etc. All completely subjective of course.

@kev Totally agree. I want to like Pop OS, but I can't stand the aesthetics. I appreciate the focus on developers though. If I could use Pop OS but have it look like Ubuntu, I'd be golden.

@tuxedocomputers This is great! This is something that is sorely missing in other distros!!! Very nice!

@dallin The data transmission rate would be pretty slow and error prone depending on the stability of the source and reactive surface. Still this is an interesting idea, that could have applications that are not so nefarious.

@kev I think the only thing that bothers me really about FF, is that it is the ONLY business in town doing a web browser different. It would be nice if we had at least another browser engine in the works. I mean Edge is even Chromium based now.

@kev The results of your poll can't surprise you can they? I mean did you really think ANYTHING would be higher than Firefox on a FOSS based Mastodon instance? ๐Ÿ˜‚

@kev I hear you. I wanted to support FF as well, but it got to the point where being different wasn't enough to make up for the deficiencies. The tech world is no place to be different just to be different. That said, I don't know if I could do it any better. So I root for Firefox, but don't use it myself.

@jonw Seriously. And why is this something only happening on Windows clients? I never understood a lot of the love Firefox gets. Brave is my browser of choice, but I fully recognize there is no perfect browser out there currently.

@hugo Or try drying them by only patting them dry. No rubbing.

@JamesLFlores rocket chat has federation. Still in beta last time I checked. I mean, you're right, enterprise has no need for federation. However what I mean is RC and MM had far more mature platforms and it would have been much easier to just build in federation than to reinvent the wheel and protocol. Not dissing matrix. Just wondering why the foss community is ofte oblivious and fickle to quality software technologies across the foss domain.

@dallin just watched the first session. I just wanted to second your invitation and thank you for extending it here on the fediverse.

@masterofthetiger @infosechandbook no, sure. There are places it is can work and times that it does. But a community made up of only 1% and then from that community an even smaller sampling still gives you collectively a small choice of options on anything other than popular software.

@masterofthetiger @infosechandbook This is only true for probably less than 1% of the user base. It is a red herring that most users will never be able to take advantage of. Because of this most users are ABSOLUTELY still at the whim of the developer even with free software.

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