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@dallin Man I honestly think this is just what eventually happens with anything FOSS related.

The 1 Netbook Onemix 3pt is such an amazing little laptop. While the weaker plain 3 model has seen reviews, I feel like a lot is being missed by not having a 3pt variant model review. So I am considering this my next spare-time hobby. I feel like the work going on here is next level and needs to be shared.

@thelinuxEXP @ubports Nice video. I agree that UBT seems to have the interface really nailed. I always though Ubuntu had that best hope of being a mobile alternative. I think one thing you are missing is that Phosh and Plasma are really just mobile desktop environments for desktop Linux. The phone is running the same kernel as your desktop. Is UBT doing the same thing?

@dino How might one expose the controls for video calling? Do they show up simply when the other side is compatible with the protocol?

@ndanes You have already made your decision, but Android has other messaging options that are better simply because the Android api doesn't force the use of push notification servers. Average user security might be better on Apple devices but this is because of the limitation of individual choice. There has always been negative trade off when giving up freedom for security and this is no different in the digital domain. /e/ foundation is an option you should investigate. πŸ‘

@tuxedocomputers infinitely compact you say? At 15" I don't think so. But it's relative. Here is infinitely compact to me:

@dallin I hear you, but Ubuntu is the best distro... No but seriously, I do think there are things about some distros which are better than others. Honestly I think the distro with the most support in terms of developers and designers is going to have a leg up. I think this is why Ubuntu seems to always scratch the itch for me. Fedora has been looking pretty good though. Just not down with the whole FOSS thing.

Will gnome extensions work with Pop OS'es Cosmic desktop environment? Is this a design goal of theirs? (To not break compatibility with Gnome.)

@Carnet Really happy about this. This will make Carnet a onestop drop in replacement for Google Keep!! Very good work my good sir!

@dallin I too recommend it with all of my heart. It testifies of the Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, and brings true and everlasting light plainly in view.

@Carnet Hallelujah! Any idea when this will get updated to f-droid, etc.? Keep up the great work you and thardev!

Apple announcement summarized: Hey, you can now use the M1 to run the same wimpy iOS apps that you were running with the A13 before, but now you can do it faster. Nevermind that we could have let you do that with Mac OS and full desktop class applications since the two architectures are the same, but nevermind that. No file system and self contained island apps are just way more fun.
It is almost like Apple is afraid to truly innovate. @dallin Interesting perspective. I think if we are talking about screen time in excess I would absolutely agree that this is certainly possible.

@dallin I don't think the act of looking at a screen alone is detrimental to anything. Rather what is displayed on the screen determines this. However, I think the adage / command, all things in moderation, is most insightful. If you have to because of work, like I, then there are ways to balance things out.

I am of the opinion that American schools need to take the teaching of other languages in school way more seriously. Most of the world can speak an additional language. The studies have shown that it is beneficial not only in communication but helps the brain to form new pathways and makes it possible for the brain to even think in different ways. This is an advantage many are getting that we in the States should be taking note of.

@hans For sure. Just wish the documentation for setting up a server was a bit more complete. Setting up something like Prosody or Rocket Chat by comparison is a snap. (In some cases literally.)

@hans If the goal is to be able to interface with all of the other chat platforms, then yes of course, Matrix is great. In the past we had things like Trillian and Pidgin which did similar stuff, although there wasn't inter chat communication. It was only a way to use a single app to use all of your chat networks. Once Matrix is a streamlined native piece of software I'm eager to give it a shot again. If Matrix interfaces with XMPP then it really will be the best of both worlds.

@matrix xmpp really does check all the boxes and is mature already. I'm all about Matrix and new efforts but let's not ignore viable solutions that are already available.

@dallin Ditto. Communication is a smartphones most powerful feature.

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