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@kylerankin Related to this, a few months ago I wrote a post that details some of the steps @Puri_sm takes to protect the digital supply chain:

@mastohost Update went smooth for my instance. Thanks a lot!

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πŸ‘‹So, it's upgrade day and I will be starting the upgrade to v2.7.0 for all instance hosted in now.

To avoid long waits during database upgrade there will be 2 downtimes of under 30 seconds. Meaning, your instance will go down and come back up and after some minutes (depending on instance size) the same will happen and the upgrade finished.

You can read the blog post with the highlights of v2.7.0 here:

Any issues, please let me know.

Sarah's commentary on my dance skills: "You look like you are doing an exercise not dancing!"

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I never realized just how good of a replacement to Facebook a Twitter like platform could be. But if you boil down all that Facebook does, Twitter and Mastodon by extension are the important bits. Mastodon allows you to have a media gallery through your profile, and all of your toots are always in chronological order. No sorting algorithm getting in the way. Genius.

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Hardware Updates for 2019! πŸŽ‰

Today we introduce Version 4 of the Librem laptop line β€” now with an updated CPU and graphics for all models and a 4k/HiDPI screen for the 15β€³ model.

Protect your digital life with strong #security and #privacy *and* do so on one of our beautiful, high-end laptops.

Had Five Guys today. Tasted just like in the states. Germans, it turns out, can cook an American Hamburger after all. πŸ‘

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🎁 Buy Now & Save: Librem 5 Early Bird pricing ($599 USD) ends January 31. Preorder pricing ($649 USD) begins Feb 1 and ends when general availability and shipping begins. #DemandFreedom #privacy #security

So far Super Mario Brothers U. is the Mario I've been wanting. Love platformers, and Mario is the most OG of them all. 😎

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In the current SV gold rush, your data is the gold. Enough time has gone by that easy gold from early small prospectors is gone. What remains are big unregulated operations strip-mining hillsides, filtering your gold from the muddy wash, leaving behind a bleak landscape. #privacy

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Loved this analogy:
"Since then, decades of abstraction have stacked up like a pile of mattresses, and most of us just roll around on top." -Carl Tashian

And yes, I too have the 4 book set sitting on my shelf. 🀣

Librem 5 by Purism. Made to be user Servicable. Tell the industry you are tired of phones intentionally made to be obselete after 18 months, and pick one up!

I'm leaning towards this one honestly for a variety of reasons.

My possible new 'car'. Velomobile called a Milan SL. Looking at a few other models as well.

I stand with the FOSS movement so far as my OS and programs that tell me they are secure or protect my privacy are concerned. Games and other applications, however, can and should be closed source and proprietary. No other industry gives away their property for free, and does so under the banner of a socialists agenda masquerading as a security concern. Explain to me why no other industry needs to be held to the same standards. You can't. A programmer deserves to own his or her work.

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