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🎁 Buy Now & Save: Librem 5 Early Bird pricing ($599 USD) *extended to February 3*. Preorder pricing ($649 USD) begins Feb 4 and ends when general availability and shipping begins. #DemandFreedom #privacy #security

This goes out to all my former teachers who told me: "you won't have a calculator with you all the time". funny how that went, huh?

Whenever I think Facebook has reached the pinnacle of Evil they manage to surprise me… I have to say that the “Facebook VPN which rewards you with $20/mth” (aka “Project Atlas”¹) plan is so disgusting it defies belief.

They even know how Evil the whole thing is because they go to the pains of hiding behind shell companies so Apple doesn’t block them.

How can this not be criminal?

¹ It would be great if we could export our Mastalab (Fedilab) settings to make setting it up on a different device much easier. You are probably bombarded with feature requests, so feel free to throw this on the pile and move along. Thanks again for the hard work!

My Pixel battery was shot, and because I've dropped the phone I was not able to even attempt replacing the battery without permanently damaging the screen. I pre-ordered the Purism Librem 5 and can't wait for it but needed a replacement phone until then (estimates of April this year). So I ordered a Fairphone 2. Modular phone, open design, with an open source stripped version of Android. Despite the 2014 chipset, it is speedy and running nougat. Very impressed.

tech + parenting; birdsite screenshot 

It seems that social media is becoming more and more about hostility. It's everyone's cowardly little place to beat their drum and stand on their soapbox. Really makes me glad things like dectralized federated social media alternatives are becoming a thing. Viva Mastodon and the fediverse. Be good to each other.

Android tip: want to be able have Youtube Videos play in the background without paying for youtube prime? Run the video in your browser (anything but Chrome) and viola.

Firmware attacks like in this article are why the Heads tamper-evident BIOS is so important. With Heads the *user* is empowered to inspect, reproducibly build and reflash themselves instead of anchoring all trust in a vendor. #infosec

@kylerankin Related to this, a few months ago I wrote a post that details some of the steps @Puri_sm takes to protect the digital supply chain:

👋So, it's upgrade day and I will be starting the upgrade to v2.7.0 for all instance hosted in now.

To avoid long waits during database upgrade there will be 2 downtimes of under 30 seconds. Meaning, your instance will go down and come back up and after some minutes (depending on instance size) the same will happen and the upgrade finished.

You can read the blog post with the highlights of v2.7.0 here:

Any issues, please let me know.

Sarah's commentary on my dance skills: "You look like you are doing an exercise not dancing!"

I never realized just how good of a replacement to Facebook a Twitter like platform could be. But if you boil down all that Facebook does, Twitter and Mastodon by extension are the important bits. Mastodon allows you to have a media gallery through your profile, and all of your toots are always in chronological order. No sorting algorithm getting in the way. Genius.

Hardware Updates for 2019! 🎉

Today we introduce Version 4 of the Librem laptop line — now with an updated CPU and graphics for all models and a 4k/HiDPI screen for the 15″ model.

Protect your digital life with strong #security and #privacy *and* do so on one of our beautiful, high-end laptops.

Had Five Guys today. Tasted just like in the states. Germans, it turns out, can cook an American Hamburger after all. 👍

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