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is full steam ahead with the Librem 5. I'm pumped and looking forward to it, but I'd be lying, if I didn't admit that I'm actually more excited about the Librem 14. @purism

is great! @Carnet the only thing the app needs is an android widget. Any chance this feature is in the works?

is seriously the best GUI based music player on Linux. The only thing that I wish it had that it doesn't is a separate volume control instead of the system volume being the only way control volume.

I might be the only person on the Fediverse that likes Windows 10 after it has been sanitized.

Are you using Windows? Want to make sure it is private as possible (with out going to mega extremes)? Check out and Tinywall. A Windows Privacy Dashboard and Windows Firewall respectively. They do exactly as they say do, and do it well. I've recorded network traffic, and confirm nothing but what you allow leaves. They make Windows private again.

Man, if I didn't need the standard modularity of Gnome, I would love to use Elementary OS 6. It is shaping up to look really good! I wish Pantheon supported gnome extensions like dash to panel, but the team at is doing some serious beautiful work! I might not be using it now, but I'm happy I sent money there way in the past.

Do you want a email client on Android that is excellent but private? Check out Fairemail either on the Google play store or F-Droid. It is the best client I've used and is totally worth supporting!

That strange space where my android email client () works better and is more reliable than my desktop email clients (Outllook 2016 and Mailspring). They are all connected to 9 email clients. I do like Outlook the most because it has so many features. I particularly like that I can pause syncing of email whenever I need to. That is a feature that would be great to have on all email clients.

Love , but is so smooth. Really impressed with the polish on this distro!

Saw this elsewhere and laughed as I can relate, although maybe not as dramatic.

Rocket Chat is seriously great software. As a communication platform it really shines. I was hosting a Trillian server before moving to RC, and I've been using it for about 2 years now. I'm really impressed with how the client and server continue to improve.

This little guy has me wondering if the Librem 5 is really what I need. I am getting it no matter, but this right here is an actual ARM laptop in your pocket with phone capabilities. It will have Debian compatibility in the future as well. That is Debian desktop in my pocket. That is powerful.

Is there a Youtube frontend for desktop browsers (IE: a site) that let's you use Youtube similar to NewPipe on Android?

The default web client for Mastodon is really good. It seems weird that the clients available for Mastodon instances would always look to modify it. Still the clients are super helpful. And design is so subjective. Still really good native web client.

One other complication from moving on from Facebook is that the solutions available don't really include longevity. The migration itself can detail a lot of work, and take a lot of time. To do this on a platform that will eventually burn out when the one or two developers working on it, have had their fill, just really doesn't help encourage the move. Mastodon is popular now, but not really, and who knows how long its development and support will last? Just saying.

Took the Toxy ZR today to work as the velo has a rear wheel suspension problem. It was refreshing. No arguments that the velo is a ultimate commuting bike though. Luggage on this thing is a real chore.

Serious question: Why does Matrix get what seems like so much more love than Rocket Chat and Mattermost, which both arguably accomplish what matrix is out to do for enterprises better?

Are you a programmer, software engineer, or developer? What are your thoughts on FOSS / FLOSS ideologies? I share my thoughts here, and I genuinely would like to discuss it with people:

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